Halong bay Full Day Tour

Ha Long Bay is located 170 km from the city of Hanoi. It is a famous site with  interesting karst structure, which is part of the UNESCO Heritage List and is also included in the List of the World Natural Wonders. Ha Long Bay is translated in English as the Descending Dragons Bay and it consists of as many as 1969 islands.

Rosa Cruise

Rosa Cruise was first launched in Jan  2016 by Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh ( David Vũ) – the founder who has more than 10 years of experience in tourism industry as tour guide, tour operator as well as the manager of  famous overnight cruises in Halong Bay.The Rosa Cruise proudly offers the new premier cruise experiences in Halong Bay which combines the most modern and greatest comfort. Wishing to provide customers the best culinary and premium cruise experiences. 

Carina Cruise

Highlight: The area immediately northeast of Halong Bay is known as Bai Tu Long Bay and is the focus of our special itinerary. Hundreds of islets rising from the clear waters, long sandy beaches beckon, grottoes and lagoons entice the visitor – an area relatively underdeveloped and unpolluted by the tourist trade.

Halong Party Cruise

This 2 Day and 1 Night Halong Party Cruise gives you the opportunity to spend two days exploring and enjoying magnificent Halong Bay and one night on our famous Junk style party boat

V'spirit cruise

The word “V’Spirit” actually means “Vietnamese Spirit”, and our goal is to help you experience that feeling which is part of our daily lives. The entire length of our country is next to the sea which feeds us, and on which many of us live and work. Much of our delicious, traditional cuisine is derived from the riches of the sea, and our love of family, friends, and gathering around a good meal shines through in the many tastes of Vietnamese cooking. The unique limestone islands found in Halong Bay, along with the mysterious, and beautiful caves scattered throughout, mirror the beauty, grace, and mystery of our homeland.


Oasis Bay Cruise

We proudly present one of the biggest wooden boats, the Oasis Bay Classic Cruise, launched in Nov 2015. The boat is fully equipped with the most advanced and upgraded technology. Entering the boat, tourists will be overwhelmed by its extreme impressive art design..

Pelican Luxury Cruise

Pelican Cruises Halong company first launched in 2012 by Mr Nguyen Duy Phu – the founder who had 14 years served in Vietnam Navy force and 20 years owned his fleet in Halong Bay before he and the management have decided operating new most luxury cruise line in Halong bay – Pelican Cruise Halong company

Hanoi -Catba

Cat Ba is the largest of the 1,969 islands of Halong Bay island populations. Here unspoiled nature, forests, seas, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, valleys, sandy beaches, caves, interspersed linking together make up a lot of interesting scenery. Cat Ba ational Forest has extensive 15,200 hectare tropical primeval forests 570 ha with system wide and fauna incredibly rich, typically white-headed langur species and trees Kim Giao

Halong- Cat Ba 3days/2nights( Boat + Bungalow)

Cat Ba is the largest island in the Bay and approximately half of its area is covered by a National Park, which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba langur. This golden-headed langur is rarely seen, as fewer than 100 specimens are thought to survive in the wild, although it is the subject of a well-organised conservation programme. The Park covers both land and marine areas and has a high biodiversity, although it is at risk from too rapid an increase in tourism. Other mammals in the Park include civet cats and oriental giant squirrels.

Outside of Cat Ba town is a beautiful island with much to explore.

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