Hanoi Street Food Court Tour

Street Food court is set in traditional architecture with a comfortable and natural environment where guests enjoy the specialities of Hanoi and all regions in Vietnam gathered in one convenient place. The food kiosks are arranged similar to a traditional “Vietnamese” market, a large garden and yard but also indoor rooms suitable for family reunions and large gatherings. It is a perfect place to enjoy the cuisines, which you can be assured of great authentic taste, and in a hygiene environment. The enthusiastic staff continues to improve its professional service to meet the high requirements customers.
+ Option 1: Quite time from 10.30- 12.00 for Lunch or 18.00- 19.30 for Dinner.
+ Option 2: Busy time from 11.30- 13.00 for Lunch or 19.00- 20.30 for Dinner.
At 10.30/ or 18.00, our tour guide will pick you up in your hotel lobby (in old quarter), then transfer 5 minutes to street food court where you see all best Vietnamese street food in an easy location, just sit down and enjoy a lot of popular street food and drink for 1,5 hour.
The street food court with loads of stalls on the sides cooking all the different dishes. However it gets extremely busy at peak times for lunch "11.30- 13.00" or dinner "19.00- 20.30", and there are hundreds of locals always you, so it means that the cook good quality food, a reason why it is said Good food. Crowded".
Tour guide will introduce to you about ingredients and recipe of cooking and provide around 8- 10 dishes such as grilled pork & noodle "Bun Cha", green papaya/or banana flower salad, fried spring rolls with pork "Nem Ran", Hanoi style Fried fish "Cha Ca", steamed rice paper- roll pancake "Banh Cuon", noodle soup with chicken or beef "Pho Ga/ Bo", fresh spring rolls with shrimp "Goi cuon", baguette "Banh Mi", eel Vermicelli "Mien Luon", Hanoi beer & coffee, dessert (seasonal fruit) and customize your favorite food and vegetable foods too.
The Street Food Court Tour, we will give you an experience to taste local food and drink, we ensue that the food is handled hygienically and provide a comfortable venue for the tastings. The benefit that you can come back.
At 12.00/ or 19.30, say goodbye with our tour guide and finish the tour.
                                                    The price in USD per person
Class Group joining  Private tour
  2- 4pax 5-8pax 2pax        3- 4pax




23$ 35$   30$





*** Note:
- Maximum 8 guests for group joining.
- Street Food Court Tour, it's different with Food on Food Tour " A.K.A" Street Food Walking Tour in 3 hours.
- This tour is especially designed for family with kids or seniors and clients have no time for walking in 3 hours.
+ Standard class include:
- English speaking Tour guide
- Pick up you at hotel in the old quarter (taxi with round trip)
- 1 meal with around 8 dishes (not seafood)
- Free drinks (beer, coffee, wines, fresh fruits)
+ Exclude: pick up outside of the old quarter, seafood
- Tips (your appreciation).
+ Superior class include:
- Standard class, seafood
+ Exclude: pick up outside of the old quarter
- Tips (your appreciation).


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